Freemasonry and the wars of God

It is interesting to notice how many public personalities are reputed to be freemasons and the gossip of it became front page title of big newspapers. For some, freemasonry is something related to the past, a relic for senior men to make strange perambulations in a room, and use colorful aprons and gloves. For others, it is something terrible, something that threaten modern institutions and even democracy, herself. 
Freemasonry pursues its own path trying to turn men better men; and the human institutions something we may trust, again. We do our "job" hidden from the material world in places we call " temples" where we praise not one or that"religion" but several religions, and even just a plain believe in a Creator that may be Nature, the Spirit or the Deity. 
So what make freemasons make it over and over again? 
Because Men need something more, different from the current material world where they struggle for survive. They need to look in themselves without debating the dogma, the "only" truth that most of the religions proclame and cherish. If we allow the Big Men of the big religions to express themselves without the counterbalance of the public opinion, abruptly we will  find ourselves returning to epoch of all scisms, just killing and being killed for some absolute and compulsory version of doctrine and religion. An  acquaintance that is not a freemason asked me sometime ago if I knew how many people have died throughout the ages in the "wars of religions". I replied by reaction: " some thousand, probably" . If your check any encyclopedia you will be surprised to acknowledge that more people have died in religious wars and struggles then because other motive. Let us take some minutes and reflect on the argument that " my religion is better then the others"...

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