Acacia Network

According with press release difunded at January 14th.

(Vocus/PRWEB ) January 14, 2009 -- The Acacia Network started out as a simple concept in 2008. After creating and watching our local Masonic listserv (called the Acacia Network) grow exponentially over the course a year, we started discussing the concept of developing an all-in-one web-presence where Masons can come together with different ideas; to network, share ideas for the lodge and much more. It became apparent that the Freemasons needed a place to collaborate, network, educate and empower new ideas and celebrate old traditions using 21st Century technology…thus, the Acacia Network 2.0 was born.
What makes us different than the dozens of other websites and forums about Freemasonry…inclusiveness. Many Masonic websites already exist that are either forums, serve as a business conduit, or contain phenomenal historical references to Freemasonry. After looking at the many wonderful websites that exist from brethren worldwide, the creators of the Acacia Network felt that there needed to be a free website that focuses on empowering Masons and is transformed by its users.
At the Acacia Network, we hope to grow with our members, by bringing in new ideas and changing the way Masons communicate in today’s electronically-tethered world.
Members are encouraged to check the Acacia Network in order to find out the latest blogs, jobs, forum posts and other Masonic News.
To register or find out more information, visit; http://acacianetwork.net.

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