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Lodge Light of the Orient
 (Luz do Oriente) is a Portuguese Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal (Regular) working in the Antient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR) for the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe. The Lodge is in process of installation departing from of a Masonic Triangle named Luz do Oriente and founded by decree n.o 99 of the Grand Master of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal (Regular).
The Triangle Light of the Orient is gathering as a "just lodge" since June 6, 2007. The sessions take place in Macao at the 3d Saturday of every month.

-----------------------Luz do Orioente 

It has been very rewarding during this year to maintain a Blog on Portuguese freemasonry and the way we Portuguese perceive freemasonry.  A site that is directed for instruction of the members of Luz do Oriente but also for information of Brethren that expressed themselves in English.

We have reach almost 5000 visitors, which is a comfortable audience to continue with this job. During this time we depart from Portuguese Freemasonry go through the Anglo-Saxon world where freemasonry enjoys a status of reverence and nobility.

We come across French freemasonry, a branch of freemasonry to whom the Traditional and Regular Portuguese freemasonry but also the Non-believer freemasonry owns so much. We have included data referring to symbolism – that in the rite we practiced is nuclear – but also news about events and reports on freemasonry. We are an old institution but we look to attract young people with the objective to enlarge our views and reflections on what is happening in the material world (we use to name profane). We are not dogmatic although we have some organizational dogmas, but nothing that will take by surprise anyone who approach us. We are an Order, an Organization and it is usual that organizations have rules, by-laws, and patterns of behavior. We like to enjoy freemasonry as a practice, and happiness normally rises throughout our works.

We are receiving e-mails from Brethren allover the world surprised to acknowledge a Masonic institution in China. As in any part of the world where freemasonry exists and practice its rites we are completely respectful of the legitimate authorities of China. Our session starts with the hymn of the People’s Republic of China and that is a distinguished trace of our appraisal and respect for the land that house us. We don’t do politics, either in the Temple or outside, as a collective. We leave it to others. 

We are Men of Free-Will, of Good Report, devoted to work for the Glory of God, we name the Grand Architect of the Universe. We are Men of several religions, being some of us simple deist, believing in a Supreme Being that created Earth, Humanity and the Cosmos.  We travel over the surface of the Earth, from West to the East, to spread the Light and reunite what is detached. We look find our Brethren between the Square and the Compasses. 

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