Silence. What does this sign means?

Silence is something very precious
to freemasons. We learn it in the First Degree. And we retake it in another degree that AASR' masons understand. We listen, see and feel before making any judgement about the proficency of our Brethren. Only stupid people talk about things they don't know; or comprehend. This is the first rule of anyone intending to approach freemasonry and pretending to knock at the door. The world is full of this presumption people, we try to select the humble and those who are demanding about themselves. Progress is slow but we open the door to things you never guess about. If you are a free man of good report and want to experiment something different and demanding knock at our door. As the Men on the right and the left have done. They are Freemasons and proud. The contact in the e-mail on the right.

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