Rosslyn Chapel

Millions of pounds will be spent on the restoration of Rosslyn Chapel, which has seen a surge in visitors in recent years following the interested generated by the Da Vinci Code novel and film, in which it is featured. Rosslyn Chapel has several masonic traces and according with the novel but also with Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas books, The Hiram Key, The Second Messiah has connections with the Knights Templar.
According with edinburghnews.scotsman.com, an Internet newspaper, work will begin shortly on building a temporary visitor centre, as one of the first phases of the £13 million project. Expert stonemasons are expected to take approximately one year to conserve the ornate stonework of the 15th century medieval structure. It is anticipated that all work will be complete by 2011.
The main phase of the work will commence during the summer, and will involve the repair of leaded and stained glass and the restoration of the baptistery. New additions and upgrades are planned as well, including visitor facilities such as educational areas and a café, and a new roof will be installed. Visitors will be welcomed throughout the refurbishment work, as it has been planned to create a minimum of disturbance. Chapel officials will be making an appeal for donations from the public over the next two years to make up a £2 million shortfall.
Rosslyn Chapel deserves a visit anyone just flying to or from Europe. It is easy to go there: a fly from any European capital to Edinburgh and a cab will take you there in less then an hour. But in my oppinion the best option is to find the public bus that passes through it and take it from central Edinburgh. The surroundings are marvellous and it is a discovery journey. The best time to visit? In the Spring.

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