New Freemasonry Rites in the USA

Our friend 2 Bowl Cain here bring us news about a new surge of Masonic activity in the United States with the creation of the Grand Orient of the USA that appears to be a confederation of private Lodges, allowing members to practice the rites they choose: Modern Restored (French) Rite, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Ritem, Rectified Scottish Rite, Cosmopolitan Rite, Emulation Rite and American (Preston-Webb) standard Rite.
We acknowledge, in the Portuguese Constitution, that, basicaly, the American Rite, is the York Rite, a development of the Emulation Rite, probably brought to the United States by the colones. We have noticed, also, a significant role of Lodges operating under the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, to whom the large Councils of Grand Inspectors of the 33d Degree of the AASR [North and South Jurisdictions] are an emanation. But it has escaped to us the existence of Masons practicing these less-known rites. There are no details available about this surge in Masonic activity, but it appears that the United States follows the well-known pattern of Masonic activity and organization in Europe: different degrees and plural Obediences that aim to accomodate either the wish to experiment new paths on freemasonry or Freemasons that feel themselves curtained in the fabric of the more traditional Grand Lodges.

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