In these hazard times that is fashionable to doubt about the spiritual dimension of Man and take as granted just its materialistic side, it is decisive to recall why we gather away from the profane world in Lodges to build Temples to the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe. It is God, in its dimension as Grand Geometer, part of our lives, of our believes, of what we intend to do? Or is just a word, an invokation in a ritual without any special meaning? Is there meaning in God is the basic question.
I do believe that there is meaning and sense in God's invokation when the spiritual chain of Brotherhood that we built in every session raises from our spirits till the outerspace, represented by the ceiling of the Lodge. Because God is present in every honorable thing we do, in every benchmark we achieve, both as humans and masons. It there is a trace that link us together: deiists, catholics, protestants, evangelists, anglicans, muslims, jews, budhists - it is the sharing of God's Providence, Assistance and Help in time of need, of anger and delusion. God is always here, present, although sometimes we question it. He is present in every Man that looks for his fellowman and gave his hand without asking anything as retribution. Just plain solidarity, charity or sense of humanity.
We are all children of God, made in its own image is been said. But we are not gods, only fragile Men and Women. But we are more enlightned if everyday we search for God's work in the little things that surround us.
God bless you Brethren and Men of Peace.

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