Portuguese Freemasonry

At the present there are in Portugal two larger obediences, the Grand Regular Lodge of Portugal formed in 1996 and the Grand Orient of Portugal constituted in the 18th Century according with some historic registers. This last obedience whicj follows the constitution and the uses of the Grand Orient of France (that recognize it in 1802) has more members than the Grand Regular Lodge of Portugal. This obedience represents the traditional and regular freemasonry. There are two other smaller "grand"lodges: the Grand Lodge of Portugal (Feminin) that is restricted to women and was constituted in 1997 and the "Droit Humain" a mixed masonic order. There are indications that this order began its activity in Portugal in 1923 and is formed by men and women. A new masonic lodge has been referred by some sources as began its operation in Portugal. It is submitted to the jurisdiction of the Grand French Lodge of Memphis Misraim.
Grand Lodges - as happen with states in international life - follows a logic of recognition or not recognition. Only those who are recognized by those Grand Lodges already in operation have a sort of legal individuality. The uses of freemasonry are that those who are recognized by the mother Grand Lodge of Universal Freemasonry, the Grand United Lodge of England, are "regular" and "traditional". Those who are not recognized as such are "irregular' or "liberal". The Portuguese Grand Lodges have informal contacts, between them, but may not participate together in masonic entities or masonic gatherings.

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