Freemasonry in Brasil

Gratitude to the Brother that send his best wishes from Brazil to Luz do Oriente. Freemasonry has a long tradition in Brazil coming from the time that D.Pedro, King of Portugal, was forced to exile there, following the French invasion of Portugal by Junot army. When he act as Emperor of Brazil he become a fine supporter and protector of freemasonry helping the Royal Art to diffuse along the country. When Brazil get its Independence, Freemasonry has become organized by states and later unified under the Grand Orient of Brazil. GOB has fraternal relations with the Grand Regular Lodge of Portugal (Legal) and is recognized by the Grand United Lodge of England. GOB was represent, by 3 Grand Officers, at the Session of the Summer Solstice of the Grand Regular Lodge of Portugal that took place in Lisbon, last 28 June. Some pictures taken after an initiation in Lodge "Gloria dos Construtores do Templo" (press)(Glory to the Builders of the Temple) located at Maringá in the state of Paraná.

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