The debate about the assassination of Charles I, King of Portugal

Following the 1st centennary of the assassination of Charles I, the King of Portugal in 1908, the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente Lusitano, António Reis, has made interesting remarks to the press about the involvement of freemasonry in it. Referring to the used version of events that point out to freemasonry, he stress that freemasonry is confused with the "Carbonaria" a secret and radical association that emerge in the beginning of the 20th century fighting for republican ideals in Europe. Even considering the structure of "Carbonaria"- Mr. António Reis added - the decision to kill the king came from the operational branch of the organization and not from its leadership, the "Grande Venda". The attack was perpetrated by a cellule of conspirators named "Coruja" which associate with dissidents of the Progressist Party to conjure tob kill the King. The executers were Alfredo Costa, Manuel Buiça and other sixteen other men that Mr. Reis argues that were organized along the royal procession.
This version of the facts contradicts the historical register (see in Wikipedia) that looks to the assassination of the King as a complot of the Portuguese freemasonry, then tottaly aligned with the atheist and politicized orientations of the Grand Orient of France. Differently then regulary freemasonry grand orients exclude the Book of Sacred Law from masonic cerimonies and allow political engagement of the lodges. This was the ground that allow their involvement in the republican coup d'état. The Grande Oriente Lusitano is the larger Portuguese irregular obedience and is comonly associated with the Socialist Party. Its representation in the Portuguese parliament has a large representation of GOL. Several ministers in the government of José Socrates are well-known officers of the GOL. This version of the facts is contradicted by other historians. The centenary of these events motivate one M.P. to present a motion of regret by the assassination of the King. The motion was refused by a majority vote of communists, socialists and left-wing marxists.
The declarations of António Reis to the press.

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