La Cause d'être "régulier"

In certain circles, the dimension of Masonic regularity turns to be a theme of vivid discussion. Examples exist allover the world showing that in the zones of influence of the United Grand Lodge of England or the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite there are contradictory indications about it. As it has been remarked elsewhere the dimension of regularity rises from the centrality of the Three Lights of Freemasonry in Lodge and the conducting of works to the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe. A basic belief in God is required to any freemason. Lodges are constituted under the umbrella of Grand Orient or Grand Lodges because Masonry is universal and hierarchical. Other dimensions of the debate are on my view spurious and dispensable. We, regular freemasons, are traditionals, the others that refuse a divine dimension in freemasonry are liberals. The perception of God whatever the name we give to Him is personal, individual, something that the collective has nothing to do with. Although we approach freemasonry in different terms, liberal freemasons are not for us profanes or enemies, they live freemasonry in different terms, period. Nothing more, nothing less. Let us bother in important things like the decreasing number of members, the divorce of new generations from our work and values, yes?