Spanish Lodge opens to the public

In an unprecedented gesture of transparency, Javea Masonry opened the portals of their new temple to the public in Costa Nova, Javea last Saturday December 11. No special handshakes or passwords necessary when led by Past Assistant Grand Master of Spain Ray Horn, Mason’s young and old proudly gave conducted tours around the inner sanctum while explaining the basic principals of Freemasonry.
An impressive carpet consisting of large black and white squares with Masonic symbols woven into the border, dominated the central temple interior. Rather like a giant chess board. This was complimented by a colourful display of wall banners, each representing individual lodges that share the temple as a communal home. In stark contrast, the remaining areas remain clinically furnished with basic stacking chairs and simple pieces of furniture essential to the rituals of Masonry.
Senior member Ray Horn explained that the special day was designed to blow away the shadowy, furtive image of Freemasonry and show they are an open organisation working for the good of the community just like Rotary, Lions or any other charitable group.
They also hope to attract potential new members and to join a fraternity whose roots can be traced back to late 16thcentury, now with over six million members world wide. Mr Horn’s last comment was, “Please remember, Masonry is not a secret society, it is a society of secrets.”
Via Euro Weekly