New Revue (Aletheia)

Aletheia, a new revue on research about initiation and traditions is presented to the public today, friday, at the French city of Marseille, 18:00 h (European time). The fist issue is dedicated to subjects such as "the Temple and the art of memory', "René Guénon and the arrival of the Bhoudist Orient to the West", "From the creation of the world to the creation of the Inner Temple", "Initiatic foundations to the existence of non-mixed Lodges in the AASR", "A little light on the enlightned from Baviera", "Unveil Alchemy", "The Holy War". The texts (and the revue) are written in French and published by Editions Ubik (Marseille). There is no data available of the masonic orientation of the revue, if it is connected to any Obedience in particularly, or is global. The themes are nevertheless most interesting for those aware of the importance of the role of traditional freemasonry (namely French) for the theist reading of doctrine. For purchases:  contact@ubik-lab.com