We are also astonished by the number of people that asks to be "friends", that is viewers in our site in the well-known Facebook community. Hope you enjoy what we post in our site and give you a good idea about what is occurring in the masonic world. As it is our editorial landmark we just open what can be open, and keep under secrecy what is to continue secret. A lot of prejudgments happen towards freemasonry normally not for the most legitimate and honest reasons but it is our firm conviction that gradually the public will notice that we don't make anything odd or conspirative as some accuse us. The Master of Luz do Oriente is reading actually a very interesting book by David Stevenson, The Origins of Freemasonry, edited by the prestigious Cambridge University Press, that gives a very fair and detailed approach how Freemasonry was born and what is its relation with the working masons, or operative freemasons. Differently than we were lectured there are vestiges of Masonic Lodges in the 16th Century in Scotland, larger decades before the creation of the Grand Lodge of London. Freemasonry lived also in other parts of the world before the grand lodges were created following the creation of GLL. So there is an extended vein of tradition that departs from the Enlightnment and arrives at the present day. In this trip freemasonry changed itself.