Statement of the MRGM José Moreno

In the book "Maçonaria Regular" our Most Respectful Grand Master José Moreno, under the title "Regular Freemasonry and the future" designs a vivid picture of Regular Freemasonry and his vision about the tasks that Portuguese Freemasonry in the years ahead. We would like to quote (the translation is ad hoc) some passages of this important statement: "I stress that Regular Freemasonry cannot live of the legacy of history and needs to adapt itself, to be wise and daring, and be more present in the profane world". He continues "Regular Freemasonry is not secretive, as some argue, but legally discrete; in a State under the rule of law certain confusions or negative attitudes are not justified". "On our side we will continue to give new steps towards transparence and openness to society, because Regular Freemasonry works for the benefit of society. Any Mason should be exemplary in its conduct and create an elite of good men" he underlines. As personal compromise he advances "personally I will struggle for the preservation of masonic regularity, of the landmarks, constitutions, charges and rituals; I will struggle hardly by the respect of the diversity of opinions among freemasons, in their quality of free men and of good report; I will struggle for harmony, peace and convergence; I will promote a discrete presence close to the Brethren and their families aiming to develop fraternal personal relations and to serve those in need, principles that command our Order". In the international field the Grand Master remarks "GLLP will pursue its relations with the main world Obediences, with the lusophone and ibero-american countries and will keep a wise relationship with the religious and civil authorities".