Australian Freemasonry opens doors to the public.

Tom Lee has been a Freemason in the Mildura region for 44 years. He is part of a recent movement to open the doors of Masonic Lodges all over Australia. The Freemasons hope that by opening their doors they may be able to dispel some of the mysteries and myths of the 'masons', and even possibly attract new members. "For many years there has been a secrecy attached to us, which should never have existed." Says Freemason Tom Lee. "We are now opening our doors to let people realise that we are only an organisation of people and men who are no different to anyone else." He says. "We hope that by opening our doors and explaining to people and allowing people to see the principles of freemasonry that people will see it as something they'd like to join." He says.(...) Tom says that people will enquire about joining Freemasonry, but also members keep a lookout for new members.
"If we had some person that thought would become a Freemason and do honour to our organisation, then we would ask them." He says. "It's amazing the amount of people who are coming into our headquarters in Melbourne now, young people, their saying we've seen freemasonry on the internet and we're very enquiring into what it's all about, could we have more information, and that information is available to them."
Via ABC net.