Portuguese new Grand Master installed in the chair.

The official site of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal reports on the most recent installation of the Most Respectful Brother José Francisco Moreno as the new Grand Master of the Portuguese Craft. A meaningful group of High Individualities were also present in the session that coincide with the general meeting of the Interamerican Masonic Confederation that was held in Lisbon. No photos of the session and the Grand Master were posted but it is expected that some may be available soon in the site of GLLP (http://www.gllp.pt/). Below an ad-hoc translation of the report of the event.

During the session of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal that was held on the Equinox of Autumn, at a hotel in central Lisbon on the 25th September 25, 2010, the Grand Master José Francisco Moreno was installed in the Chair, for a two-year term. The session was attended by about four hundred masons of GLLP / GLRP. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the High Degrees (additional degrees) practiced in Portugal, namely the Rite of York, the Scottish Rectified Rite and Ancient and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and also by the Secretary of the Interamerican Masonic Confederation and Grand Officers of 25 Regular Obediences, 13 of them represented by their Grand Masters.
The Grand Masters of the United Grand Lodge of Germany, the Grand Orient of Italy, the Grand Orient of Brazil, the Gran Logia de Uruguay, the Gran Logia de Argentina, the Grand Logia de Paraguay, the Gran Logia de Peru, the Gran Logia de Espana, the Gran Logia de Bolivia, the Grand Lodge of the Ivory Coast, the Grand Lodge of Russia, the Grand Lodge of Estonia and the Grand Lodge of Mozambique Were also present . Twelve Crafts were represented by their Deputy-Grand Masters, Grand Secretaries and other Grand Officials: United Grand Lodge of England, the Grande Loge Nationale Française, the Grand Lodge of Austria, the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina, Gran Logia de Chile, Grand Lodge of Belgium, the Grand Lodge of Gabon, the Grand Lodge of Croatia, the Grand Lodge of Moldova, the Grand Lodge of Morocco, the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria and the Grand Lodge of Cyprus.

The Grand Master Installer of the new Grand Master was the recent Past-Master Martin Guia, which was assisted by the following Grand Officers Installer: Installer Senior Warden, Grand Master General of the Grand Orient of Brazil, Installer Junior Warden, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mozambique; Marshall, the Grand Official representative of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, Inner Guard, Deputy-Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon.