R:.B:. Robert W. Woodward, 33d, pass away.

The Sovereign Grand Commander and the Grand Chanceller of the Supreme Council of the Sovereign Grand Inspectors of the 33d and Last Degree of AASR for Portugal inform the passing away of the M:.R:. Brother Robert W. Woodward, 33.o, Deputy Supreme Council Orient of Nato Bases, Brussels American Military Scottish Rite Bodies of the Southern Jurisdiction of the related Council and member of the Supreme Council for Portugal.
R:.B:. Bob Woodward was a dedicated high rank Freemason, a Scottish Freemason, and a good friend of Portugal and Portuguese freemasonry. His contribution to the creation of a regular Supreme Council of the 33d Degree in our country is extraordinary as its help to transform Portuguese Freemasonry in one of the new breed freemasonries in Europe. He was also a good friend of our Sovereign Grand Commander, M:.R:.B:. Agostinho Garcia and our Past-Sovereign Grand Commander M:.R:.B:. José Carlos Nogueira.
May he rest in Peace in the Eternal Valley and his memory stand in the memory of men and freemasons as a warrior of the Light.