Interview of Laurentino Gomes about his book "1822"

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(...) Why have you devoted a whole chapter in the Masons in 1822 (the book’s title)?  
Because it is important. Masonry operated in the early 19th century as the Communist International in the first half of the 20th century. In other words, was a major center of conspiracy.
The three great liberators of Spanish America, Bolivar, San Martin and Bernardo O'Higgins, attended the same Masonic Lodge in London. Almost all the fathers of the American Independence were Masons.
In Brazil, Jose Bonifacio, D. Pedro I. But it has a curious myth, that the Masons conspired and conducted in a homogeneous way the independence process. I show that is not true.
A maçonaria operated em 1822 como se fosse um protopartido político. Tem alguns centros que unem esses esforços, um deles é a maçonaria, outro é a igreja – e os dois se misturam.

Masonry operated in 1822  as a protoparty. If some centers existed that united these efforts, one was Freemasonry, and the other the Church - and the two mixed.
It is a topic that attracts many readers, sometimes so sensational. How to make a reliable determination on an issue regarded as secret?  
In fact, attracts much attention from readers. There's this thing secret society, conspiracy. In Abril (the publishing house), when freemasonry is placed on the cover of Adventures of History or Superinteresting, sales go up. And to mix curiosities, picturesque issues with a deeper analysis, it gives “sauce” to the thing. I conclude that a section on freemasonry would work very well in the book.
I research a lot, there are very good books on Freemasonry. I'm not a Mason, but I have friends who are, my brother is a Mason. I am not, although I have given lecture on Masonic lodges. I have already been invited to become a Mason, but I decline because I look to maintain an independent attitude.
They sent me very interesting information. Interestingly, the Freemasons have documents that, contrary to what one may imagine, are not secret, anyone can look for them. There were records, studies. It's kind a Marble Club (club da Bolinha), one just need to climb the tree house and nobody can go inside because there is a secret inside.
At the bottom Freemasonry is like this, a Marble club for adults. But the fact is that this club operated as a major center of conspiracy. He organized the independence of Spanish America, made the French Revolution. Most books run through the bias the conspiracy of the sages of Zion, Protocol of Zion, for it is a way to appeal to the imagination of the reader, especially the most layman. I did a chapter, but trying not to fall into that trap. (...)