New Brethren (Lodge Acre-GOB)

Every Craft celebrates the joining of new members in different ways. Some are more formal; other more informal. Brazilian culture is similar to ours as Brazilian were our Brethren as Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived to the seacoast of Brazil at1500 a.C. transforming those lands in part of the Portuguese empire. Portugal gave to Brazil its first Grand-Master, the Emperor D. Pedro. Throughout the years that complicity has been reinforced and strengthened the relations between the two craft. In next September Brethren from Brazil, Portugal and several African countries will meet for the VI Summit of Lusophone Masonry. For now just a glimpse how new-born masons enjoy the company of other and their families. Photos from Lodge Acre of the Grand Orient of Brazil http://www.oriobranco.net/eventos/2433-jantar-da-maconaria.html