Christianity and Freemasonry

The detailed "Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity" edited by Daniel Patte for the Vanderbilt University counts with an interesting chapter about Freemasonry and its origins, relating it with Christian relics and scriptures. As reference titles a mention should be made to Alain Bauer and its book on Issac Newton, to Roger Dachez and its comparison between operative and speculative Freemasons, John Hamill anthology on English Freemasonry, Margaret Jacob and its prestigious book on the enlightenment and the politics of the Eighteenth Century, Douglas Knoop and the relevance of early Masonic cathecisms, Santdon Linden and its study of famous historical figures (Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton) and J.S.M. Ward in a very old book about the quotation of Freemasonry to the Ancient Gods and arcane mystic theology. In a time of revisit to the ancient myths of Christianism (Jesus, Judas, St. Peter and Mary Magdalene) an additional reading is needed on how Masonic historiography tells and analyzes all these connected events and historical figures.