José Moreno, new Grand Master of GLLP/GLRP

According with the blog A Partir Pedra the M:.R:. Brother José Moreno collected the most votes casted in an electoral session that took place, yesterday, in Lisbon. Bro:. José Moreno is the six Grand Master of contemporary Portuguese regular freemasonry and an effective member of Lodge Mestre Affonso Domingues where he was initiated in 1992. He is a lawyer by profession, is fifty six years old and has a remarkable Masonic career, as High Priest of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter for Portugal (http://www.yorkportugal.com/capt/index.php) and recently Deputy-Grand Master of the M:.R:. G:.M:. Bro:. Mario Martin Guia, among several important functions. He will be the second jurist to occupy the chair of Solomon in our Craft.