Brief Note

In little more then two years the site of Luz do Oriente has reached fifteen thousand visits and counts now 22 Friends that receive, periodically, our news. This (event) is something that made the administrator very proud. Our visitors came from America to Asia, passing through Europe. Our site is registered in the prestigious digital review Pietre-Stone as an educational site and is kept in English, the franca language, by excellence. It was not always like this. Till the 18th Century, the Portuguese was the franca language in part of Europe (and probably readers would not know it) and in Asia. Any ship who travelled to the Orient would bring someone who speakss Portuguese as this was the language required to trade. The Jesuits were  important contributors of this. But everything change and the english has become the language of communication, namely in the Internet. The criteria for the updating of news has been comprehensive, including news from the Masonic world, texts from the Brethren of Luz do Oriente and lectures from Mason authors such as Equus Peregrinus. We will continue in this path as Freemasonry needs to be perceived by the public as something modern, relevant and that has nothing to hide. The opinions, here stated, only oblige the administrator of the blog. We expect you continue to visit us.