Two French high rank clerics accused of treason by Fraternité Sacerdotal Saint-Pie X

Pour avoir récemment participé, avec des responsables juifs et musulmans, à des conférences organisées par la franc-maçonnerie à Lyon et à Paris, le cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archevêque de Lyon (in the picture), et Mgr Jean-Charles Descubes, archevêque de Rouen, sont dans le collimateur des disciples de Mgr Lefebvre. C’est pour les traditionalistes de la Fraternité Sacerdotale Saint-Pie X "un scandale d’une extrême gravité". "La prise de parole de ces deux archevêques français à de telles réunions et à de telles conférences organisées par la franc-maçonnerie constitue un scandale d’une extrême gravité, qui donne une illustration supplémentaire de la trahison de la foi par un évêque et par un cardinal, tous les deux en poste", écrit dans un communiqué l’abbé Régis de Cacqueray, supérieur du District de France des traditionalistes de la Fraternité Sacerdotale Saint-Pie X. The rest here.
The translation:
To have recently participated with Jewish and Muslim leaders, at conferences organized by the Freemasons in Lyon and Paris, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyons, Bishop Jean-Charles Descubes, archbishop of Rouen, are trageted by the followers of Archbishop Lefebvre. For the traditionalist Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X is "a scandal of extreme gravity". "The participation of these two French archbishops in such meetings and conferences organized by Freemasonry is a scandal of extreme gravity, which gives a further example of the betrayal of faith by a bishop and a cardinal, both in office" wrote in a statement Father Régis Cacqueray, District Superior of France traditionalist Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X.
The comment:
It is always frightful to assist to such a deadly exhibition of trying to outlaw someone who is tolerant, pluralist and interiorize the sense of communio, of ecumenism that John Paul II has so dearly preached as major teaching of its postulate, as head of the Church. For what we may guess from this report of the French press, this is a clear invitation to persecution that raises to everybody the era of Inquisition and people send to the bonfire and burn till death, by the sins the Church imagine they have. One may ask if the Church of Rome agrees with this statement of one of its clerics against two officers of the Church that preach the teachings of Christ, basicaly. Probably nobody will have an answer soon. If the indictment outspoken by Mr. Régis Cacqueray is for real these two members of the French Church will be targeted of disciplinary process for the competent branch of the Holy See. It will be interesting to assess if the words of tolerance exposed, recently, by Benedetto XVI in its visit to Portugal are accomplished by its officials.