The coming Solstice of Summer

The Solstice of Summer is approaching quickly, as the Earth is getting apart the shining star interiorizing the good energies brought through the proximity. It starts a time of enjoyment as the winter completely moves away its influence and the sunny days became the general tone. It would be wise to interiorize what the recent trip of the Pope has represented to Portugal in a more ecumenical spirit, in a renew idea of tolerance and communion. Religion has become, for the majority of the viewers, something that one face with normality and appreciation, as part of a spiritual pathway that make Men, brothers. Religion is no more a matter of division, of hatred, and is good this impression is kept in the mind of the leaders of the Church not as a blank check but as something they need to be accountable through the months and the years to come. The worst step for the followers of S. Peter is to think that all the bad things that happened in recent months went away as a blow of wind. They didn’t. They lay beneath the suspicions and the doubts of the public about some of the Church actions and the way she had not the courage to face its demons. The world needs a strong Church, and an enlightened Chief of the Catholic Church; this is a core message that the people of Portugal, the 5th Empire of Fernando Pessoa address His Holiness. We freemasons wish His Holyness has listen to the appeal and the opportunity. We live in a world that requires transparence and sense of responsability as respectability. This is a very tiny and painful path.