One emblematic symbol of the Masonic order is the Apron. It is both and example of work and identification of the Rite, Rank and traditions concerned. The most beautiful examples come from the 18th and 19th centuries and were produced as products of exquisite craftsmanship. This item is a reproduction of an Apron of the18th called Washington and Lafayette apron and celebrates the friendship between these two men and the way they transport their amity to the cause of the American Republic. This is a copy of fine material made by a well-known manufacturer of Masonic regalia. Most interesting the Solomon's columns of the entrance of the Temple are substituted by the effigies of both revolutionaries. Behind we may find the chequered carpet, common inside masonic lodges, the inner Temple which access is provided by three steps and farway behind two examples of architecture associated with Freemasonry: the obelisk and the pyramid. Also on the left the tree of acacia, a tree associated with the legend of the third degree. Over the scenario the golden star in all its splendor. In the brim of the apron the figuration of Mercurius (the ancient roman God), the flaming star and the compasses, also quite known Masonic symbols.