20 Years of the R:.L:. Affonso Domingues

At the next 30th June, 19:00, at Grémio Literário, Rua Ivens, n.º 37, in downtown Lisbon a book commemorating the 20th anniversary of our Brethren of the R:.L:. Affonso Domingues is to be presented to the masonic community and the public. It is a rare occasion to distinguish the major contribution this Respectful Lodge and its prestigious group of officers has made along these two decades to the consolidation of Regular Freemasonry, in Portugal. The consecration of this founding Lodge of our Obedience was performed by Brethren of the Grand Loge Nationale Française, the mother Obedience of the first Regular Portuguese Freemasons. It is symbolic but full of history, remembering a time when all doors seem to be closed after the knocking of our Founding Fathers, at the West Gate of the Craft. Is always good to remember the little steps of our beginnings and who were our friends as time normally devalorize and relativize. Our Brother Jose Ruah is making the call to direct the requests to a POBox address of the Portuguese Post Office (Apartado 22777 - EC Socorro- 1147-501 Lisboa or mestreaffonsodomingues@gmail.com.  Don't be late. Just forgetting the price is 14 E.