Transcendence and Masonic path

It is amazing the number of sites dedicated to antimasonic propaganda. Part of them are related to religious confessions that consider freemasonry a falsification of the divine enlightnement pursued by  Jesus Christ or even the personification of the devil. Other part is associated with people that were members of the Craft, somewhere in the past, and then they leave The most elaborated theories about freemasonry "real" intentions and projects of profane power don't resist to some minutes of careful analysis and refutation. If freemasonry has the power that some people insist she has, we really cannot guess why so few chiefs of State and government allow their names to be associated with the Royal Order. We should not deceive those fairytale tellers because they need some radiant illusions so they can present themselves as experts of something they really cannot understand and explain. Conspiracy theories always pay back to those who insist in their veracity, as they breed their fantasies and make them "important people". People always like to believe an incredible history for more stupid that it is.
I admire people who feel confortable with a sober sense of divine and have a very discrete relationship with the Creator, away from public eyes. A good friend of Luz do Oriente likes to observe, that he, an assumed Christian, likes to go to the Church when nobody is there and use a couple of minutes for a fruitful and intimate dialogue with the Father of us all. This is the sense of transcendence that every fine man looks for, when he joins the path of a religion or just a meaningful dialogue with the slice of divine that lays inside himself. Freemasonry allows every fine man with good report to experiment and identical path. That is why discrency and humility are cardinal values for every Freemason. Of course not all obey to these mandaments but we like to put them as target of an ethical attitude.
Of course we acknowldge that some people transform the Craft and the Lodges on sites of personal power looking to make good business or meet the proper people. This illusion comes normaly at a very fast speed and these travellers of the unknown move in another direction.
This is not to say that everything is fine within the ranks but we feel confortable with the enlargment of the columns and having new people approaching us. We need to do more to bring new generations to our organization and part of the problem deals about things that we consider impossible to change or dogmas. This reasoning would lead us far away but for the time being just let us conclude saying that one of the larger challenges of the Craft is the following question:
What  does Freemasonry have to offer to youngsters that can be useful to their patterns of life, expectations and sense of identity?