Mário Martin Guia anticipate the end of mandate as Grand Master

According with the site of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal the Most Respectable Grand Master, R:. Brother Mario Martin Guia, decided to anticipate the end of its mandate in six months and to call the election of his successor in office.
This decision was taken in order to create conditions for greater success of the Grand Master who will succeed him, given the fact that in the next 23 to 26 September is held in Portugal the Annual Session of the VI Zone of the Masonic Confederation- simultaneously with the Third Meeting of Lusophone Freemasory, and the  Session of the Equinox of Autumn of the GLLP / GLRP, transforming it these sete of events an unique opportunity to immediately the new elected Grand Master may be presented to the International Community Masonic, who will thus be installed on September 25, 2010. The applications are to be submitted to the Grand Secretary of GLLP / GLRP until next April 26 and after that anounced to the Craft. The polls will open for scrutiny in next June 26.
It is the privilege of Luz do Oriente to pray its homage to the M:.R:.G:.M:. in the closing of its mandate and add its gratitude and recognition to fellow Freemasons for the major contribution Bro:. Mário Martin Guia has made to Portuguese Freemasonry and Regular Freemasonry in general along its double mandate. The newly elected Grand Master will be the fifth in the sequence of Grand Masters of Portuguese Freemasonry, almost 20 years after the Portuguese Craft regain regularity.