Freemasons elect Alfonso Ortega as the new Grand Master of Spain

PALMA | Annual Meeting of the Grand Lodge of Spain

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The Assembly of the Grand Lodge of Spain, which has gathered throughout the morning in Palma has chosen Oscar de Alfonso Ortega, a Valencia lawyer as its new Grand Master, who was disputing the nomination with Jose Carretero, who holds the position till now. The Assembly has brought together between 120 and 130 Masters from around the state to elect a new Grand Master.
"The Spanish Masons have invested heavily in a new phase marked by a generational change," were his first words after hearing the result that turn De Alfonso, a 42 years lawyer from Valencia, married with two daughters, in one of the youngest Grand Master in the modern history of Masonry in Spain. Thus, his choice opens a new era of openness, settlement and normalization of Freemasonry in Spain.
However, the installation of the new Grand Master will take place at a ceremony to be held shortly in Madrid, which will be attended by numerous international representations of international Grand Lodges.
Freemasons are also in the Facebook
The nomination of Oscar de Alfonso is an "historic" event, according with the Masonic Obedience, since it is one of the youngest Grand Master in the modern history of Freemasonry, in Spain.
The Freemasons new leader is 42 years old, is married and has two daughters. In his Facebook profile he publicly discloses that is a member of the Freemasons and fond of Alchemy. It also demonstrates his sense of humor making himself member of groups such as "I also believe that Google and Square will dominate the world."
It should be mention that together with the new Grand Master the new Grand Treasurer and Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge of Spain have also been appointed, a choice that has fallen on Carlos Barón and Manuel Torres, respectively. In particular, the elections were conducted simultaneously in Palma, where the Grand National Assembly took place, and at the headquarters of the eight Masonic provinces, which the Grand Lodge of Spain is organized.
The appointment, which was held behind closed doors at the Convention Center of Hotel Melia Victoria, has a great importance to this Obedience. It is the first to be done in 27 years, outside Madrid, and is a step forward in terms of making Freemasonry open to public eyes. 253 Baleares Masters and 400 other Regular members attended the ceremony.
The Grand Lodge of Spain is the main Masonic Spanish Obedience counting more than 150 lodges and 2,300 members. Is the only Obedience recognized by the main international Crafts, including the United Grand Lodge of England, the French Grand Lodge National Francaise and more than a hundred Grand Lodges from other countries.