Franco anti-masonic obsession

Franco's obsession by Freemasonry, crystallized in the myth of "Judeo-Masonic plot" could be based largely on false reports that for over 20 years he was passed by a network of informers in which exercised great influence Carrero Blanco the "right hand" of the dictator.
This is one of the main conclusions reached by the Spanish researcher Javier Arribas Dominguez in his book "The Judeo-Masonic enemy propaganda in Franco (1939-1945), edited by Marcial Pons and that has just come to light.
In an interview with EFE in Paris, where Dominguez is professor of Spanish Civilization at the University of Paris XIII, he observes that "blinded by his anti-Masonic obsession" Franco "believed in all that was included in these reports", which were channeled through a network called "Apis" ( "bee" in Latin).
"Franco," says the historian did not realize that a group of counterfeiters was deceiving him for over twenty years. In this sense, one could say he was the victim of his own obsession, rather than its propaganda. "
"Of course, loyal to Franco Carrero was above any political family, indeed, it clearly belonged to neither.
But his loyalty nor prevented him from Franco transmit their own ideas, which were those of a fundamentalist Catholic, anti-Semitic and anti-Mason, "said Dominguez.
"What is less known is that," he says, “probably, Carrero also exerted indirectly an appreciable ideological influence acting as an intermediary of 'Apis' (network) to Franco. A network that defended views similar to those of the admiral and who managed to influence the thinking and behavior of Franco for years. "