Luz do Oriente commemorated the last weekend its anniversary, signaling the deed of foundation of the Triangle by Decree of the M:.R:.G:.M:. Trovão do Rosário following a petition of three Master Masons, residents in Macao. The act of temerity to raise columns of a regular Triangle in Macao (China) was perceived by our dearest Bro:. Trovão do Rosário as a statement of patriotism and loyalty to the history of 440 years of Portuguese presence in Macao. The M:.R:.G:.M:. Mário Martin Guia has taken this deed, as its own, and through these three years has supported the Brethren that persistently have reinforced the Triangle with new blood, channeling new energies in order that Regular freemasonry may have a Lodge, of its keenship, in Macau. Nothing that has been achieved would be real without its support, the support of the R:.Grand Secretary, Bro:. Coelho Antunes, and the sympathy of Milu and Sandra. A word of gratitude is also required for the Brethren of the R:. Lodges Marquês de Pombal, Luis de Camões and Anderson that give their assistance and help this project to become real. The collective of Brethren from Macau are deeply grateful, to you, for that.
We manage, the last weekend, to gather the majority of members of the Triangle, with our sisters-in-law and nieces, and have a party. It was a happy and radiant party of people who love each other and enjoy to be together. As Master of the Triangle, I am proud of the work we have done, for the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe, proud of the unity that kept us together, during these three years, after so many adversities, difficulties and proves. The stubbornness we incorporate is typical of the temper, the way we Portuguese further our discoveries, during the 16th Century, giving new lands to the world. It was according with this adventury spirit that Jorge Alvares arrived at the coast of China with its ships, more than 400 hundreds ago, and found the first Portuguese enclave in Chinese land.
Luz do Oriente is a Portuguese Triangle that incorporates, vividly, the sense of cosmopolitism so characteristic of the Portuguese. We manage to have among us, Brethren of other nationalities, that feel comfortable with us and enjoy the way we practice the Royal Art. Last November, we inaugurated our Temple, someplace in Macao, and have been working in turning it into one of the most beautiful sites of the Craft. A Temple that will, according with the Ancient traditions of Regular freemasonry, be consecrated in the near future. This physical construction is a statement of the involvement of our Brethren in the project of the Lodge and has been possible by their effort and sacrifice. It is my honor and privilege to thank them all, colectively and individualy. 
So, we come insofar to the basic crossroad. Ahead new challenges stare us. May God enlighten us through these and by improving ourselves help society to become a better place to live.
To the Glory of the GAOTU.
Gama, W:.M:.