Several Justice ordered compulsory retirement

The CNJ (Conselho Nacional de Justiça -Brazil) unanimously decided on Tuesday (23 / 2) to order compulsory retirement of ten judges of Mato Grosso involved in an alleged scheme that diverted £ 1.5 million of the Court of the State.Three justices and seven judges are suspected of involvement in the diversion of resources to promote the entity Masonic Grand Lodge of Mato Grosso.The decision of the CNJ, is directed to seven magistrates, including the current and former president of the TJ-MT (High Court of Mato Grosso), which are to be retired compulsorily, as proposed by the rapporteur of the displinary process, counselor Ives Gandra Martins Filho.
Among them  is the current president of the Court of Mato Grosso, Judge Mariano Travassos. According to reports by the OAB (Ordem dos Advogados, Brazil), the Attorney General of the Republic, Roberto Gurgel, rendered an opinion calling for the compulsory retirement of three justices and seven judges. The Audit Report ordered by the Court in 2008 that found improper payments to judges in 2004, was confirmed by evidence collected by the Federal Police and the audit done by the CNJ. The report said the case of misappropriation of public funds began in 2003 when those involved have created a credit linked to the  Grand Lodge of Mato Grosso, which the judge José Ferreira Leite, then president of the Court, was the Grand Master.
Quoted from http://opontodevistadeligialeal.blogspot.com/2010/02/magistrados-acusados-de-desviarem.html
Freemasons are not different from common men; they have, otherwise, a larger responsibility regarding the vows they take along their Masonic career and the values they stand for. One of them is solid honesty; another civic responsibility; another respectability. Masons are educated to be men of reference, natural leaders in their communities, people with no disgrace, non-polluted. If one breaks its obligations under the civil law, it should be tried without any compliancy. According to Masonic law, any Brother who commits the kind of illegality this report mentions and is considered guilty, the ruling affects its Masonic condition, namely on its privileges and rights within the Brotherhood. Freemasons are not exempt fro civic duties and Obediences who are tempted to pass on large, by cronyism, deserve no another consequence then extinction. Brazilian freemasonry has passed by some critical proves on this regard, recently. One was the indictment of a former Governor of Brasilia by corruption, a Master Mason, which seems to have suspended its duties to the Brotherhood; now this case. Brazilian Brethren are been put under terrible proves. May the Grand Architect of the Universe enlighten (and guide) them through these!