The Grand Orient of France has an woman-Brother

(...) For the first time in its history, the Grand Orient de France (GODF) has a woman in its ranks. The one that until would not tolerate the mix. A revolution for the brothers of GODF? Not so sure. For Olivia Chaumont, initiated in the temple in 1992, was still a man long ago. A transsexual in the Grand Orient! That's a funny situation for the obedience, which last year in its General Assembly had renewed its opposition to the feminization of the Obedience. In an internal statement Pierre Lambicchi, Grand Master of GODF explains this new tolerance: "We can only show all our sense of Brotherhood and our full understanding regarding this prove. A good example of openness tempered by the same Lambicchi in the “Express”: "For us, even if it is legally become a woman, he was initiated as brother and is genetically a man. Tolerance, but not too much. It would not reopen immediately the painful debate about misogyny, the presumed course of the Freemasons.(...)

Via Bakchico Info. Above the odd situation in a funny cartoon by Pakman. Below an interview with the "Brother" here.