Works of Architecture

A basic characteristic of our rite - the Scottish Rite - is the requirement of a Work of Architecture [prancha] for any Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft to be raised to an upper degree. This is not a void formality it is a crucial demonstration that the candidate has, in himself, the capacity, the ability and instruction to be considered apt to a more exigent level of Masonic practice and knowledge. It is a well-known fact that with the spread of Internet and all the information available in it the mystery of the old-type of personal instruction has loosen some of its wonder. Now what happens is the opposite: instruction becomes an opportunity to clarify doubts and misunderstandings that are confused or not quite well perceived.
There is a basic rule on the work of the Wardens when they guide the candidates to the ceremony of raising, that is to catch within the preferences of the Brethren the sort of subjects they like and are more appropriate to each degree. Guide the research without imposing the sources of information, allowing the freewill or the personal taste to work on it. Try also to keep the final document in an appropriate dimension so is easy to read and apprehend by listening to the reading. Senior Brethren are tempted to be bored by long speeches and as our meetings take place after work the ability to concentrate is much lower.
There are of course exceptions and those that by Academic training and preferences look to reach deeper levels of knowledge should be stimulated to reach more progress. I would suggest the Pietre-Stone magazine available in the Internet as a place recommended for those who consider even the option of publishing its own material. Nowadays there are articles, works of architecture or research papers published in different languages [english, french, spanish, german and portuguese] that the director of the review is always interested in enlarging.