Luz do Oriente have the privilege to have its Temple opened in a solemn but very heartful ceremony that took place, last weekend, in Macao. The Temple is located in downtown area and was built and decorated by the hands and endeavour of the Brethren that constitute the Triangle created three years ago by decree of our Most Respectful Grand Master. The sacred place received, for a first time, a Masonic ceremony that dates from the creation of the Ancient Order of the Scotts and that was complemented by a beautiful Column of Harmony, specially composed for the occasion. The Brethren chant the Portuguesa, the Portuguese national anthem, with pride and honor. The Brethren gather for the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe away from the eyes of the profane. In December, the Triangle will convene its Christmas Party, a ceremony open to Brethren, families and friends. The masonic activities will be resumed in January.