Ali Bongo installed as Grand Master of the Grand Loge du Gabon and the Grand Rite Equatorial

The Grand Master of Grand Loge National Française (GLNF) installed on the 1st of November, Ali Bongo at the head of Freemasonry in Gabon. A position occupied by the former President Omar Bongo. In Gabon, Freemasonry has a thousand members influential in politics. Like his father, Ali Bongo will have to mobilize the Masonic network to establish its legitimacy in Gabon and in the world. Ali Bongo, the new president of Gabon, opened on the 4th of November, in Libreville, the World Conference of Regular Freemasonry. His father, Omar Bongo, who passed away June 8, had bitterly negotiated the organization of this Masonic forum and would be, greatly pleased as usual, to accommodate its "brothers" from around the world. His son - who inherited his power as head of the country - will do it for him as head of the Gabonese Freemasonry Gabonese. The “ballet” of French Freemasons in Libreville was evident, where one may see senior officers like Alain Bauer – the special adviser for terrorism of President Sarkozy and chairman of the l’Observatoire de la délinquance - who was former Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France (from 2000 to 2003)- participated in heceremonies held around the decease of father Bongo that ended with the election of Ali as head of both local Obediences local who gather a thousand members. Francois Stifani, the Grand Master of the Grand Loge National Française(GLNF), one of the largest Masonic Obediences with 38 000 members, has made the trip to Libreville to install Ali Bongo [as Grand Master], who, though already initiated, had until then that the rank of Assistant Grand Master. It became at age 53, the Grand Master of the Grande Loge du Gabon (GLB) and the Grand Rite Equatorial, the two orders that Gabonese Freemasons