Work in Lodge

The most exigent work in Lodge is for the one who leads to assure that through the ranks passes by the spiritual flux that makes freemasonry such an incredible experience. It is something unsubstantial that has something to do with ritual but is beyond it. It is hardly explained. One sense in the air that there is a click...and that thing happened: the gathering, the suspension over the words of the W:.M:. the interrogation and the drama. Of course every masonry is different but the way we Latins experience it is remarkable. There is passion, concern, distrust or even disillusion but at the end that thing happens. This is the reason why we return, again and again. We leave our problems, our battles at the door of the Temple and reproduce what we have learn from our ancestors, the builders of the cathedrals and the Knights Templar.
There is always a concern from those who arrive for the secrets. It is - I believe - a track of our childhood that rests even after we become adults. But they have lack, through times, the appeal of secrecy, of conspiracy, of cover up: they are basically answers or intuitions that give us new guidelines in our masonic pathway.