To build the Temple

The major task of the masonic endeavor is to build the Temple, either the external Temple where freemasons work for the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe either the inner Temple, the place of the work of perfectioning, of betterment of Man. Three years ago we started in a tiny place, somewhere in the land that received us, having the most precarious conditions, and counting only with the effort of a bunch of people. And thereafter we grow up, as Masons and Free Men, and move somewhere else. But the definitive Temple has become our target, our mission, our destiny. When we shared with some foreign Brethren the project to built a Temple and a Lodge were none exists, we received dubious and friendly looks. People doubt that creating a Lodge from scratch would be possible anywhere in the world, without the usual wealth supporters, the consecrating of the edge-stone and all the proceedings usual in the wealth freemasonry. But we insist and reunite energies and stubbornness to bring desires into action. We count on ourselves and march to our destiny. At the end it would be nice to look to the past where we start and laugh of ourselves. And make like the others in Ancient times, before of us when a Temple was draft in the backyards of a house or a pub, and the tracing board designed - like we saw in Bangkok - in the floor, and erased at the end of the session. Afterall Freemasonry is a constructive endeavor and Freemasons use the tools of our founders, the stonemasons.