Memories of the Second World War

The Freemasons that stopped Hitler, Gustavo Vidal Manzanares, El Plural (Espana)
An Austrian weighed, inflamed with hatred, fanaticism rotted and corroded complex, dragged the world into the most devastating orgy of blood and fire and pain of human history. The first few months, Nazi tanks overran Europe. Few doubted his victory. However, a mason, Winston Churchill, was to cross the path of Hitler. Without this widow's son would have been conceivable a septuagenarian Hitler Pan-Germanic state ruling over a large spread from the Atlantic Ocean to the Urals. Democracy today would surely be an "idea harmful" and thousands of police would echo his boots shining in the streets. Prisons, gutters and cemeteries rebosarían of "enemies of law, order, parental, and family values."But the courage of that legendary Mason changed world history and through this Son of Light that nightmare is no longer a relevant political force.
Sir Winston Churchill was initiated in Freemasonry May 24 May 1901 between the columns of the Studholme Lodge, London. Politician, journalist, orator, historian, biographer, humorist, Nobel laureate in literature ... that Mason commanded during World War II England deploying overwhelming force. The day of victory was in Parliament, the biggest ovation ever taxed in that forum. Fighting wars in ten, thirteen times minister, prime minister, more than eight thousand parliamentary speeches, hundreds of articles and reports ... make this son of a widow in one of the greatest men in history. His master mason apron, donated just before his death, can be seen in the museum of the United Grand Lodge of England in London.

Another Mason who crushed the head of the moron Nazi foul was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Born in Hudson in 1882, that Son of Light was elected four times president of the USA. He received a bankrupt nation and exalted to the position of leading economic power and military might. The timely intervention measures provided the U.S. economic welfare and equity levels unknown. With him, for the first time, a woman would take a responsible position in a presidential team. Freemason's government that dealt with what really mattered to the people: health, education, unemployment, public safety, pensions ... obviously the American cave drooled rage at the welfare of the majority.
The entrance to the America of Roosevelt in World War II dealt the fatal blow to Hitler. In his December 11, 1941 before the Reichstag, the disturbed racist had attacked the U.S. president, whom he described as "the rich boy and a Freemason." Indeed, Hitler always hated Freemasonry. Like Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, and generally intolerant, bigoted and disturbed. Either way it makes sense for the fans, intolerant and disturbed, those who want the most evil, hate the antidote to fanaticism, intolerance and irrationality that represents the freemasonry.
But healthy people, the citizen who wants to live in tranquility and welfare must never forget the legacy and example of Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the two Masons who stopped Hitler.