A basic Masonic Glossary

Five-pointed Star- represents the Eastern Star or the Star of Initiation, the one which symbolized the birth of Jesus. It is the symbol of the Perfect Man, full of Humanity, between Father and Son, the man in its five aspects: physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual. Fully implemented and unified with the Grand Architect of the Universe. He is the man with open arms, but without virility, because has dominated the passions and emotions.
The stars represent the tears of the beauty of Creation. We look up at the sky and find our guiding star. In Freemasonry and its temples, the celestial dome is adorned with stars. The Star is the symbol of Flaming genius leading to great achievements with their influence. It is the emblem of peace, of friendship and brotherly love.
Acacia - the plant symbol of Freemasonry by excellence represents security, clarity, and also innocence or purity. Acacia has been considered in Ancient times, among the Hebrews, as a sacred tree and therein becoming a Masonic symbol. The ancients used to symbolize virtue and other qualities of the soul with different plants. The Acacia is initially a symbol of a true Initiation to a new life, the resurrection to a future life.
Apron- Masonic symbol of work, white, and made of skin, white for the Apprentices and Fellow craft; white edged with red to the Masters:. Columns: Symbols of the limits of the created world, of life and death, of male and female, the active and passive.
Compass- symbol of the spirit, of thought in various forms of reasoning, and also of the relative (circle) under the threshold (absolute). The circles drawn with the compass represent the Lodges.
The No. 9- is the principle of Divine Light, Creator, that illuminates every thought, every desire and the work expresses outwardly the Work of God that dwells in every man, to rest after finishing his work. The Ninthary Man that by the triple of the ternary is the union of the absolute with the relative, with the abstract with the concrete:.
The number nine in Masonic symbolism plays an important role with varied meanings applied in a ritualistic form. The number 9 is the number of Initiates and the prophets.Delta: luminous triangle, symbol of the expanding, distinguishes the Scottish Rite:.
Square- results from the union of the vertical line with the horizontal line being the symbol of righteousness and also by human action on the matter and to human action in himself.
It means that we must regulate our conduct and our actions by the Masonic line and rule, by the respect to God, whom we are accountable for our actions, words and thoughts. Expresses the idea of uncompromising accuracy and impartiality of character, symbolizing also morality.Gavel: small hammer, emblem will active will, labour and material force; device of direction, power and authority.
Mosaic pavement- checkered floor in black and white squares, that decorate the Temples. It is a symbol of diversity of the world and races, united by Freemasonry. It symbolizes of the opposition of opposites, good and evil, spirit and body, light and darkness:.
Rough Stone- symbol of the shortcomings of the spirit that a Freemason must seek to correct, and also of total freedom of the Entered Apprentice and the Freemason in general.
Letter G- is the seventh letter of our alphabet and wisely, the Masons have big questions and that through studies, we present a summary of the various meanings: Gravitation - is the primary force that governs movement and balance of matter, or Geometry
Fifth Science - The foundation of positive science, symbolizing the science of calculation, applied to the extension, the division of land, whence the notion that part of it that is on our charge as large share of humankind and the rights of farmland;
Generation - It's life perpetuating through a series of beings; creative Force that is in the center of every being and every thing
Genius- human intelligence shining with its deep glow;
Gnosis - is the wider moral knowledge, the impulse that leads one to learn more and more and that is the main factor of progress;
Gloria - to God;
Greatness - The man, the greatest and most perfect work of creation;
Gomel - a Hebrew word, means the duties of man to God and to his fellow creatures;
Temple - symbol of the Masonic building by excellence, of deeper peace to which all Freemasons are inclined to;
Three Points - triangle, symbol with various interpretations, in fact reconcilable: light, darkness and time, past, present and future, wisdom, strength and beauty; birth, life and death, freedom, equality and fraternity.