The Tree of Life (1st Part)

As Brethren we live deeply the masonry in a journey of diverse mysteries. In this journey, many the curiosities are that we find in the search to engrave it of the rough stone, the stone that we are. As searchers of the occult knowledge of the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) we are recognized, in a plural sense, by "Adam kadmon". We go straight ahead, through evolutive steps, moving at the right, then turning to the left. Have anyone question itself about the steps one do in climbing this Jacob Ladder? If we are not robots, it's decisive that we perceive our fraternal destiny. With free-mind, self-help and fraternal support of our brethren we need to know: where do we go? how do we go? when do we go? If brethren, between ourselves, have not put these questions is time to get the answers in the architecture of the Tree of Life, transmitted million years ago by the GAOTU to Moses. As Master Masons we need to perceive this source of knowledge, to bring help to our recent-initiated brothers. To you - who already are a M:. M:. - I ask: have you drank the water of knowledge from the Tree of the Life? Everything in freemasonry is handle, symbolically. The most important of the symbolisms is represented by the figure of the 10 SEPHIROTS (Tree of the Life). Note that they are 10, not 20, 30, nor any other number. They are 10 (ten) as 10 were the commandments received by Moses from God. Than observe the figure of the Tree of the Life. Each circle has a symbol. They are 10 circles (sephirots) together. Each circle has an Hebrew letter and a certain sound, that represent them in the Tree. To reach the knowledge of each Sephira in every path the hidden mysteries must be pursued. It is necessary to work, througout an arduous plan for simple curious people. What do you already know about this knowledge? In the Tree of the Life one can find the answers to all questions. As an Adam Apprentice you are still in the first level of the LAND, with the feet stuck in the ground (Sephira Malkut). From here you foresee 3 (three) sephirots, and three paths. Here are the three aims to be tread. From Malkut, look and reflect on the importance of the number three. Only after you may understand Brother the secret veiled in each sephira and in each path and you will be apt to look for other aims. And you, my Master, have you already the knowledge of the occult mysteries in these paths, as well as the ones of those sephirots where finish? In the masonic knowledge you knew them as masonic decade. Do you remember?