Dia do Maçom comemorado no Brasil

At the request of the MP, Aldo Demarchi (DEM), the Day of the Freemason was celebrated, on the 17th August, in the auditorium Juscelino Kubitschek, inthe Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (Brazil). The event gather José Maria Dias Neto, the Grand Master of Grande Oriente Paulista, Mario Sergio Nunes da Costa, acting Grand Master of Grande Oriente de São Paulo, and Francisco Gomes da Silva, Grand Master of the Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado de São Paulo, and the MPs, Baleia Rossi (PMDB), Olímpio Gomes (independent), and Luis Carlos F. Gondim (PPS).
The MPs chair the event and congratulate the Brethren appealing to a larger involvement of freemasonry as such in the problems of the Nation. According with the MP Baleia Rossi among the 94 members of the Legislative Assembly 25 are freemasons. Rossi remember the important achievements of the past but warn freemasonry, that although its traditions and solidarity works "it should require from the politicians a strong commitment in reducing social inequalities still prevailling in Brazil". Olimpio Gomes e Gondim ask Brethren to "point out a pathway to society based on its strong bases and values" and Olimpio asked Brethren to be loyal to the "an embbeded sense of humanity".
During the event the youngsters of the Order of the Molay presented a "Cerimony of Lights". The Grand Masters express their gratitude for the commemoration.
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