Salazar was a Mason?

Quoting Beja Santos in Vidas Alternativas:
[...] It is more sensational in the mythology that we can see the book "Salazar, o macon" in Costa Pimenta (Bertrand Editora, 2009). It is difficult imagine that a book can do more delusional than this. The author write about 200 pages to give as evidence that Salazar comes to power macon and why was it acted from beginning to end as mason. As you know, Salazar is expressed not only unfavorable to the masonry and chased brutally Freemasons, their political ideas. All that is known of Salazar's personality points to a conservative thought, Catholic, motivated by the desire to take the country in a sustainable consensus for him administered. The author describes minutely what is Freemasonry, its regulations and their rites and ceremonies, the symbolic weight. Tell us then as it recognizes a mason and got the "inevitability" of Salazar being a freemason. What fate? The author cites the studies of Professor Oliveira Marques, a prestigious historian that in no circumstances associated Salazar to Freemasonry. Demonstrating a total ignorance, as it proved that the policy pursued by Salazar was only possible if it were a mason. Reaches accumulation of atrocities as saying "the corporate state is the state Mason, Youth to Youth is the Portuguese Legion and Portuguese Freemasonry the Masonic Militia. " Costa Pimenta may be a worthy judge, may give up the case of Freemasons believe that these atrocities should be no answer, he writes that historically have no feet or head, stems from a reading of the speeches of Salazar where the author went in search of words as Truth, Justice, and Well Being, for example, and says placide enormity such as those planning thoughts with the truth, the Justice, Goodness and Progress, in the same sentence and associated with one verb and graph with capitalized initials of these words is a freemason. Continuing the picking in separate speeches of Salazar, our thoughts on the word Rome, the patriotic education of clergy and that the Church Catholic should be weakened or restricted, concluding that Salazar was a freemason. The choice of sentences is entirely attributed to Salazar remarks, there is no justification on the thought of the dictator, when he quotes Providence abundantly to conclude that Salazar was a freemason. This is not innocent, the judge may be intact but looking to sell his delirium by the more sensationalism bait. Look at what is written on the back of the book: Salazar changed his religion, choosing the natural religion. It is not just a Christian, but a priest and preacher of his new religion, which is also a universal system of education and government. At 25 years of age, Salazar did not confess and communicate. His speeches show that he rejected the dogma of the Trinity and the Deity of Jesus. It's very easy to get the political work of a computer and Salazar search the words that interest us, according to certain codes: Providence, God, Jesus as Teacher, light, chaos, order, new order ... and then brandish ten evidence in support of truth sophisticated by the author. But Costa Pimenta ensures that excess, and serene impavid tells us in its conclusions: "There are many other similar evidence to the ten that were in this book presented, namely, in alphabetical order: the proof for the sake of nation, the evidence the college, proof of the human soul, proof of authority, evidence of the link Chain, evidence of the Board, proof of Charity ... going out there to All the evidence Nation, Nothing against the nation and proof of Zelo the neophyte.
So you want to deny the conclusion - Salazar is a freemason - will hit also, one by one, all the evidence. " No more completely delirious is possible to extract from the Costa Pimenta book. [...]