Luis Cabral passed to the Eternal East

R:.Bro:. Luis Cabral first president of Guinea-Bissau and half-brother of the founder of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde [PAIGC] - Amilcar Cabral - has died in Portugal [Torres Vedras]. Luis Cabral was a remarkable leader of its people and lead the fight for independence after the assassination of his brother in Conakry [Guinea]. After proclaiming the independence from Portugal, Luis Cabral became the first elected president of his country. On November 14, 1990, João Bernardo Vieira organized a coup d'état against the legitimate government of Guinea-Bissau and Luis Cabral was sent into exile first in Cuba, than in Portugal in 1984. After being invited by the new elected prime minister, Francisco Fadul, to return from exile he replied that he will return only after Nino Vieira leave the power. He died aged 78 on May 30.
He was a freemason received as such by his Brethren of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal [Regular].