What have I looked for when I join Freemasonry

(...) I put allot of research and thought into becoming a part of this organization. I read and Read and read, talked and watched anything I could on the subject before deciding to join and I knew EXACTLY (well almost, except the secrets) what I was getting into, and that is why I have a hard time hearing from a new "brother" that he has a hard time coming to our "boring" meetings, well sooory! If ya were looking for dancing girls or getting hammered you came to the wrong place. We say outright that if you are joining to expand your social network or out of just curiosity you came to the wrong place. If you are here to learn all you can about the oldest and largest fraternity in the world, all the while making yourself a better man, you came to the right place.
A good Mason I know put it best when he said you get out of Freemasonry what you put in. Unfortunately a lot of guys get through who just want to see whats on the other side, sorry for the disappointment, I like it (...)
From the Northeastern Corner.
The question of what we look for when we join Freemasonry is presumed to be one of the basic tenants of our Craft and the sense of identity that all we search and some find. The comment of this Brother is basic and gives a general line about the misunderstandings that sometimes  happens to those who approach it. This one of the essential topics mentioned in the enquiries made to the profane, the way we do it. The reason for that may be the fairy-tales built around it. The flash of mystery that surround it; and the idea that some obscure but precious aim is to be found for those who endeavor. Big mistake, because Freemasonry cannot offer what the imagination of some is delighted to fantasies. We just give guidelines, general ideas and values and signalize for those who want to apprehend a little more of what are our references as a school of moral values and practice of virtue. Those who search enjoyment and amusement should look other place around. These are our nuclear teachings. Saying that Freemasonry cannot run away from its encounter with future. Whatever it may be. 
Sometimes we forget it but we went a long time and pathway since the Reverend Anderson review and systematize the tenants of our Craft. We cannot speak for the next generations just enforce the masonic path way of the present ones. That is the reason why we need to rejuvenate ourselves as a collective, but keeping our authenticity. This is the secure way to be open to new views and keep the essential of our patterns of behavior.