Reflecting on Freemasonry and the Holy Grail.

Just assisting to one Masonic ceremony one of these days I noticed the explosion of emotions and expectations that gather those 30 Men during the three hours that it lasted. The concentration was amazing and the sense of authenticity they assert to what they were doing when they perform freemasonry like they did was remarkable. They were not parrots citing rituals like I have see others doing, they never acted as cyborgs, they just enjoy practicing freemasonry as a new dimension of living together, a lasting moment that kept its aroma, its energy, its melody, as a chain of Brotherly Love of free Men of good report. And when they left to their personal lives I couldn't prevent from asking myself what extraordinary sentiment keep these men together, after a tough day work; rushing themselves to a house they name Temple; working as the Crafters of the Churches before them; or gathering as the knights of King David around a roundtable for the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe and the struggle for the Good. Extraordinary treasure they cherish that led them to return again and again to that special place. A treasure that some pretentious experts talk about without having even a glimpse of what really unite them and free their souls. 
What is the Grail of Freemasonry? Brotherly Love, Hope and Faith.
Thanks Brethren of R:.L:. Marquis Pombal of the Grand Legal Lodge of Portugal [Regular].