Masonic Lodge

The Masonic lodge is not a building or a specific place. By reasons of commodity the Brethren meet in temples that were previously installed and decorated with Masonic items and symbolism. But every Masonic assembly gathered in any site it is a lodge since it performs and respect some requirements described in the rituals. The dimensions of a lodge for instance are not measurable by a common pattern. Its is said that the lodge extends from the North till the Noontime and from West till the East. Symbolically, three windows allow the passage of the sun’s rays; one located at the East, the other two at noontime. At the north the apprentices are seated because they need to protect themselves from the most violent rays of the sunshine that represents the Light of knowledge. At noontime are seated the fellow craft, more used to perform their works under the light that exists there. The entrance of the lodge is located at the West, in front of the Worshipful Master, which chair is located at the East. On this side of the rising sun stands a platform that allows three officers – the Worshipful Master, the Secretary and the Orator – to be in a higher position. Over the venerable figure of the president of the lodge stands a lightning Delta with a moon on the left and a sun on the right. All these elements allow the lodge to be described horizontally. But the lodge extended itself vertically, from the nadir to the zenith, the perpendicular of the elementary calculus of the astronomic horizon. On the ground floor, open door from the entrails of the land till the nadir, a mosaic pavement is dropped or built; the roof of the lodge closes the ensemble representing a blue sky, covered with twinkling stars.