Freemasonry and the profane world

It became a recurrence that when something in a so-said course of events is not easly explicable a 'hand" of Freemasonry or Opus Dei may had taken place. When a famous banker saw its strategy winning in the general assembly of shareholders of a Bank the press saw in it the hand of freemasonry winning over Opus Dei; when the Portuguese government clash with the Procurate General over a polemic case of corruption some other source of the press pretend to see the intervention of freemasonry. I may be naif but I don't believe that everything may be explicable at so.
Freemasonry doesn't have the power that the common people envisage in it. There is a fantasy around it, and people always loved fairy-tales, heroes and vilans and histories of chevalary. It became part of the myth and although we live in the Era of Internet, Multimedia and google people like to amuse with this sort of stories. People are eager to look inside the closets to have a glimpse on someone intimacy, to unveil a public figure intimate drama or just look inside an organization that assets to be discrete and maintain some secrets. 
The debate that is going on in the body of regular freemasonry about the need to unveil part of masonic traditions and rituals to the public eye is important and necessary. The Latin-America freemasonry has started some ago; now is time for the British freemasonry to open the temples to an insight of the press.
Some weeks before, His Highness the Duke of Kent has frame the grand assembly of the Solstice of Spring of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) to the English television and use the occasion to, ironically, discharge the claim that nothing happens inside the temples that make a consolidated democracy, as Great Britain, ashamed; he remembered the core purpose of freemasonry to spread solidarity and make charity for those in-need. This is the basis of the work we do inside the Temple and the projection of the work of individual improvement regarding an aim of perfection and human realization, that we take to the profane world.
Although this is not politics, in an Aristotelian sense it is; because as the Greek Philosopher "man is a political animal" and everything he does concerns the society he endures and transforms. 
We freemasons are not out of the central struggles of the 21st Century. We say "present" in the work of humanitarian organizations, in the diplomatic efforts that are enforced to solve the main conflicts of the mankind, in the juridical battleground to have a sort of comprehensive treaties and binding documents to enforce international law over power-politics. These are not easy battles and anticipated successful combats. They require application, efforts, wisdom, sweat and perseverance. That is part of the 7 Virtues of a true Freemason. But we do it, individually, out of the spot, far away the flashes of fame and notability. 
This is our sign of craftmanship, our dedication to the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe.  

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