To be admitted to freemasonry obliges the candidate to pass through a ceremony and a set of proves. Despite the effort anyone applies to describe this process, he will never describe completely what is experienced by anyone who went through this process. This ceremony is an intimate and personal act that takes into the count the past experiences of everyone. Symbolically, the profane passes from the darkness towards the light, one reason being that the recipient is with his eyes blindfolded. The blindfold will be only removed when he passes through all the proves and is considered purified from the vices accumulated in the profane world. This proves are related to four elements: earth, water, air and fire. The first prove is to close the recipient inside a Chamber of Reflexions where he writes its philosophical testament. Isolated in a cavern - image of the black bowels of our planet - he passes through the proof of earth. The three other proves happen inside the Temple, being the recipient surrounded by the members of the Lodge. The proves of water, air and fire are intercalated with journeys through different obstacles. As the Venerable will say several times "here everything is symbolic". The proves are nothing more than an appeal to the perseverance of the candidate through the journey he allow himself to live. In any case the proves would expose the candidate to any injury or physical or psychological risk. The initiation follows a ritual that may change from one rite to another, from one Obedience to another. But in spite all, it represents a ceremony of reception of a new brother and a truth cement between all who have experienced the same intimate and personal experience. 

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